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Our "A La Carte" package categorizes the many services that we offer, each priced separately. Only five of the eight services are required for every design project - the remaining are highly recommended, but optional. Please see below for a complete list of our offerings, with pricing. Keep in mind, the "starting at" price listed will cover a small scale project such as a powder room, laundry room, or foyer. The prices will vary depending on the project type, square footage and complexity.





The very first step in our on-boarding process is for you to book a free 15-30 minute discovery call with us (BOOK HERE). On the call, we will briefly discuss your project, answer any questions that you may have and explain our design process in further detail.



After the discovery call, you will be able to book a 1-2 hour in-home consultation (BOOK HERE). The consultation allows us to walk through your space to determine the exact project scope and current condition. We will take measurements and photos of the room and of any existing furniture that will remain in the room. We will discuss your desires and vision, your project timeline and determine a realistic budget. Lastly, after you fill out our questionnaire, we will review our A La Carte design service list to see what best suits your needs.

Please note: Design work will not be completed during the consultation.

After the consultation, your designer will create a detailed design proposal quote and contract, inclusive of everything that was discussed. You will be given a personal login on Kristell Interior's online client portal to review and digitally endorse it. Afterward, payment for 50% of the total design fee will be required.


starting at $300 per room, pricing varies.

Once a signed contract and deposit is received, then the fun begins! We will draft up a floorplan and create a mood board inclusive of everything from furniture to lighting, paint or wallcoverings, accessories, etc. - all within your budget and desired style. If necessary, two design revisions are always included.


starting at $100 per room, pricing varies.

To help you visualize the space before purchasing the furnishings, we can go the extra mile and create photo-realistic 3-D rendering images, and/or elevation drawings and sections. This leaves no guessing on how the end result will look.

SHOPPING LIST (required)

starting at $150 per room, pricing varies.

Once you approve the floorplan layout, mood board and 3-D renderings we will create a detailed digital shopping list. You can view and approve each item or request a substitute item (if desired) by a simple click of a button on our client portal.

PURCHASING (optional)

starting at $150 per room, pricing varies.

After all items on the shopping list are approved, the purchasing begins! Some clients opt to do the purchasing themselves (clickable website links are provided), while others choose to have Kristell Interiors purchase everything on their behalf. Our clients that opt-in are able to reap the benefits of our interior design "trade-only" discounts that we receive from many vendors

  • ONLINE ORDERS: You provide us with the funds for all online goods and we will take care of ordering everything.

  • IN-STORE PURCHASES: Depending on how hands-on you would like to be, you and your designer can plan a shopping day and visit local stores together - OR - you can provide the budgeted funds for everything upfront, and we will take care of the shopping for you.


starting at $150 per room, pricing varies.

Kristell Interiors collaborates with local contractors to provide professional, quality renovations. This includes, but is not limited to: plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, furniture assemblers, and flooring installers. The cost for any tradesmen needed will be separate from our design fee, but will be accounted for in the overall project budget. 


We will provide detailed drawings to demonstrate the design intent, schedule all of the contractor appointments, make site visits, and work directly with the tradesmen to ensure that everything is installed as desired.


starting at $250 per room, pricing varies.

After the renovation and/or installation is complete, we will send you off on your way while we stage all of the assembled furniture and accessories, iron/steam the draperies and linens, dust and wipe down all surfaces, unwrap and fluff the pillows, hang any lightweight artwork and bring the design vision to life! Once you return, you will have a HGTV-like grand reveal of your new space!



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